Calypso — новая админка для WordPress — uWebDesign подкаст #59

Приветствуем вас на борту подкаста #59, центральной темой которого безусловно является Calypso, новая админка для WordPress, написанная на node.js и React. Кроме этого поговорили про новости бизнеса и корпораций, дизайн и программирование.

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Learn How To Code a WordPress Theme – Development Tutorial with Bootstrap 4, Underscores & DevWP

In this video we are going to take a deep dive into WordPress Theme Design & Development with a Tutorial on integrating the Bootstrap 4 front end framework with Underscores which is a starter theme for WordPress. The end result is a Developer’s training theme I’m calling, DevWP.

By the end of this video, you will Learn How To Code a WordPress Theme.

Table of Contents is At The Bottom of the Description.

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The goal of this video and the playlist it’s in, is to help guide you through the process of coding your very own WordPress Theme and to get more familiar with the various aspects of coding.

In this video I walk you through some of the key files and folders used in a typical WordPress theme. I demonstrate the process of combing the various coding languages used to create modern day websites from html, css, javascript, php and of course, the WordPress Way.

I touch on how using Bootstrap 4 with Underscores can help you…

How to Create Amazing Testimonials For WordPress Website using Elementor Pro Testimonials Widget

In this Video I will Show you How to Create Amazing Testimonials For WordPress Website using Elementor Pro Testimonials Widget
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Skyrocket Your Avada WordPress Theme With Elementor page builder

We wanted to demonstrate just how better Avada gets if you combine Elementor with it.
Read More:
Get Elementor Page Builder:
Get Avada Theme:

This is why we decided to recreate a complete homepage design from the Phoenix Startup UI kit by designer Dima Blover:

In the video, we use Avada and Elementor to design the entire page from scratch, going section by section. This way we cover every section of the page, including:

– Above the fold hero section
– 2 feature sections
– Services section
– Call to action subscription form section
– Price table section
– Testimonial section

JQuery Introduction in English-01

JQuery Introduction in English-01
For Telugu

For English

WordPress training videos in telugu

WordPress training videos in English

JavaScript training videos telugu

JavaScript training videos English

Html and Css Training Videos In Telugu

HTML and CSS Training Videos In English

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JQuery AutoComplete MultiSelect in ASP.NET MVC and Entity Framework

In this video, I will demo how to make JQuery Autocomplete MultiSelect in ASP.NET MVC and Entity Framework.
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WordPress tutorial in hindi Part- 1 | What is WordPress | Why use WordPress

we will cover all component of WordPress. Robust coders provided Best wordpress tutorials in Hindi.
What is WordPress | Why use WordPress
In this, Tutorials we will learn the introduction of WordPress.
Wordpress tutorials in hindi Part- 1 | Introduction to wordpress | What is WordPress.
what is WordPress ?
how to create website in wordpress.

Q. What is WordPress?.

i -wordpress most powerful tool for creating websites.
ii -wordpres is open source tool written and in PHP.
iii-wordpress is cms(content management system) and
using wordress you create any type of website.
for example-Blog, shopping, business website.

Q. Why Use WordPress?

WordPress is the most popular open source Content
Management System (CMS) used in 73 million websites.
It’s the most popular CMS in the world.

Q. Why WordPress Is So Popular?

i- WordPress Is Free.
ii- Create Any Website.
iii-WordPress Is Secure.
iv -WordPress Is 99 % SEO…

sql tutorial for beginners with examples

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