EasyActions Plugin Tutorial for Unreal Engine 4

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EasyActions is an easy to use plugin for Unreal Engine 4 that allows you to manage various time-based actions with various ease-in/out functions. In addition you can use this plugin in your blueprint project without the need of writing a single line of code!


There are various actions you can manage:
• Actor actions – move, rotate, scale, follow Bezier curve (path).
• Dynamic material actions – blend between colors, fade in/out (requires dynamic material with matching vector properties).

These actions are interpolating the Actor’s/Material’s properties OVER TIME (Duration) with various Ease In/Out functions:
• Linear
• Ease-In Quadratic
• Ease-Out Quadratic
• Ease-In-Out Quadratic
• Ease-In Cubic
• Ease-Out Cubic
• Ease-In-Out Cubic
• Ease-In Quart
• Ease-Out Quart

#QuickTip no.1 – Blender Three.js JSON Exporter plugin

In this quick video tutorial I’m explaining how to download – unpack and install io_three plugin. This plugin enables for Blender to export 3D models to JSON format.

Blender JSON plugin –

Also in the end of this video I gave the spoiler of the future series of videos. SPOILER – GAME MAKING !!!!!!!!

Programs used:

Blender 3D – goo.gl/qSek63
Text editor – goo.gl/FufV5g
Google Chrome – goo.gl/7y7fQY

You can find me on:

Twitter –
GooglePlus –
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Aujourd’hui 4eme épisode la série “Créer Une application Android” avec l’exportation de notre projet en .apk – Un Like = Un Bisous de Mark Zuckerberg.

Google Play Console:

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– George Street Shuffle par Kevin MacLeod est distribué sous la licence Creative Commons Attribution (
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Eclipse :
Java :
Java Développement Kit (JDK) :

android eclipse tutorial

Blender JSON WWW Export – Code HTML CSS JavaScript

This is the last video in these series about 3D Showcase – we’re wrapping it up guys ! Creating and explaining basics and learning something new about JavaScript, HTML and bare minimum regarding Photoshop or GIMP. We are creating buttons that are – after clicking – changing the texture on our model.

Things we will need for this project are:

[ GitHub ] – part 6

Demo for this tutorial can be found here:

Programs used:

Blender 3D – goo.gl/qSek63
Text editor – goo.gl/FufV5g
Google Chrome – goo.gl/7y7fQY

You can find me…

Unreal Engine 4 – 2 Different C++ Neural Networks VS Blueprint Checkpoint AI

Unreal Engine 4 – 2 Different C++ Neural Network Plugin VS Blueprint Checkpoint AI

Feed Forward and Backpropagation Neural Networks C++ Plugin.
It has things like various learning types, Supervised, Unsupervised, Reinforcement(negative and positive), as well as Evolved Genetic Neural Networks.

Its a only a C++ plugin, written by me with all 100% UE4 code. No external libraries used.

I found a 2D racing template and i implemented two Racing AI’s to showcase the networks.

Video information
Blue cars- Simple Checkpoint following AI which came with the 2D Racing template.
Yellow cars- Simple Neural Network AI, Racer Avoidance. Checkpoint following AI(Constant racer neural parameters, like, sight distance, sight fov, breaking and accelerating aggressiveness, non-variable neural network hidden layer counts and number of hidden layers 3 inputs, 5 hidden, 10 hidden, 5 hidden 3 hidden, 2 output)
Red cars- Advanced Genetic Neural Network AI, Individual Racer Avoidance. Checkpoint…

c++ coding

Element 3D Plugin Classes in After effects | Class – 1 | Interface & usage for beginners

Element 3D Plugin Tutorials in After effects | what is element 3d & interface

How to Download & Install Element 3D Link Below :

How to download & install Optical Flares Free ▶️

How to download and install All Trapcode products FREE for After Effects CC & CS6

How to Get Magic Bullet Free in After Effects :

▶️ Total Adobe Premiere Classes in Telugu….Link :

▶️ Total Adobe After Effects Classes in Telugu….Link :

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