Room Makeover | Minimal & Simple


I’ve been wanting to change up my room for quite some time. Not only did the wall colors and furniture arrangement bother me, the clutter and the amount of stuff I owned didn’t make me happy either. A room makeover was much needed.

I read the book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying by Marie Kondo. Although it was not the book that prompted me to get rid of the unnecessary items in my bedroom, it still provided me with inspiration to live a meaningful life, surrounded by things that I enjoy and make me happy. My room makeover is the second step (the first step is decluttering) on my journey to a better life.
This video actually took me 6 months to edit and post. I started in July and finished around August, although it will never be finished and I’m constantly changing the decor.

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Preparing the Baseboards //
Paint Furniture //
Paint Laminate…