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UPTDATE: so he did text me back and he told me that he doesn’t know what to do. He doesn’t know if he should breakup or not….

Helloooo guys, it’S good to be back 🙂
how have you been?

So i’m here to speak with you, i need to speak with someone, and why not you guys??You’re like my friends. 🙂
So i’m really sorry for my bad english(I’m learning :D), because it’s my first video in english so yea 😀 I’m sorry to for the bad quality, i filmed with my computers camera and sorry for all the noises.
I didn’t told the whole story, i forgot to tell some things, because he did a lot of others things that i didn’t tell in the video.

So i would like your help 🙂
write on the comments section what you think about dudes like that, tell me if you were already in that situation and what did you do. I would love to to read your stories 🙂

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