Obstacle Run in Armour – a short film by Daniel Jaquet

“A firefighter and a soldier in full gear bear the same load as a medieval armoured fighter. Which one will perform best on the run?”

Displayed in the exhibition “Armatus Corpus” (Military Museum, Castle of Morges, Switzerland – October-November 2016)

Executive producers: Vincent Deluz, Daniel Jaquet, and Alexandre Ariosa
Associate producer: Dominique Mucaria
Featuring (runners): Daniel Jaquet, Baptiste Repond, Edouard Rithner

With the support of:
Swiss Armed Forces, City of Fribourg Fire Brigade, Castle of Morges and its Museums, Institute for Sport Science of the University of Lausanne, Swiss Federation for Historical European Martial Arts, French Federation for Historical European Martial Arts, Lemanic School of Arts and Action, and the backers of the Kickstarter campaign.

This short film was produced as part of a museum exhibition. Some choices may appear weird when watched outside of this context. We will produce more content such as short films designed to be watched as…