How to Do the Wine | Reggae Dancehall

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Right now we’re going to bring to you our next hot dance hall dance, which is called the Wine. It never goes out of style. Slim Sexy is going to demonstrate how to do the Wine. So with the Wine, you’re going to bend your knees. Get like in a low position, and you’re going to rotate your hip in a circular motion, but make it into a big circle. So Slim is demonstrating how to do the Wine. And you just Wine, rotate slow in a circular motion. And bend your knees, so it won’t be too stressful on your knees. And when you bend your knees, it makes the dance move easier to do. So Slim is demonstrating the Wine. You can do it fast. You can do it slow. You can get a little elaborate with it, and add your arms. You could bend down with it. So there’s a lot of…