Hip Hop Dance Routine Tutorial

Learn a Hip Hop dance combo with Katrina and Sloane from dance teacher and choreographer Danny Davalos. Danny owns the OIP Dance studio in downtown Toronto and is a principle dancer for Shawn Desman.

Danny shows us 2 counts of 8 from this hip hop routine then does the breakdown. Remember you can pause and rewind as you need to learn the dance. We start by doing the steps more slowly, then speed it up, then do the routine to the music. This was over a year ago, but we never uploaded it and wanted to share it with you.

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How to Do the African Dance Move Azonto | Sexy Dance Moves

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Hi, my name is Vick the Show…

And I’m LaShawna.

And today we’re going to teach you an exotic style of dance. This exotic dance that we’re going to teach you is…from West Africa. It’s called azonto, yeah? So, it’s a simple, groovy step, where we’re going to stay grounded in it. K? And basically, you want to have your legs going like this motion, right here. And…