Hip Hop Dance Routine Tutorial

Learn a Hip Hop dance combo with Katrina and Sloane from dance teacher and choreographer Danny Davalos. Danny owns the OIP Dance studio in downtown Toronto and is a principle dancer for Shawn Desman.

Danny shows us 2 counts of 8 from this hip hop routine then does the breakdown. Remember you can pause and rewind as you need to learn the dance. We start by doing the steps more slowly, then speed it up, then do the routine to the music. This was over a year ago, but we never uploaded it and wanted to share it with you.

If you like this combo, you can learn others like it – as well as easier moves – by teachers like Danny and 10 others on www.HipHopCrusher.com. It is the newest online video site where you can access over 70 lessons with membership – working your way up through the levels and trying out the steps in combos. There is also a 20 minute master class with Danny instructing. All of the steps are broken down to make them easy to follow, with many steps being shown…

DANCING TUTORIAL // Jojo Siwa & Miranda Sings

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Hula Hoop Dance Sequence Tutorial with Deanne Love – Hula Hoop Dance Tutorial

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Sharing a hoop dance sequence that I shared at Spin Matsuri in Japan. Find more of my hoop dance tutorials here http://hooplovers.com