Tachyons CSS Library — How to Build a Custom Button

The link above will take you to the Plunker used in this video

This link will take you to my blog post about Keeping your CSS Dry with Tachyons.

If you want to learn how to customize the styling of your elements in a way that protects you from EESS (Ever Expanding Stylesheet Syndrome), check out tachyons.io. It’s a really awesome lightweight CSS library that consists of 47 modules that you can install via NPM or include all at once from a CDN (checkout for the link to the CDN) or you can just follow along with the plunker linked at the top of this description.

This is also a great way for beginners to get started with the different CSS properties and the effects that they have on elements within a page. I think this is true because it allows you to work within the browser, applying classes to an element to apply styles to…

Listen To The Music – Doobie Brothers

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I really believe in this song and how we need to focus on Positive rather then the negative even if Negative is a part of our human lives ( Being Born into both Good & evil)
As back then when I was young so many negative things and many went to drugs and so many other realms that only took them further away from the positive realities we can and do see in life.

It is the same today as well ! Truthfully we each decide for our own selves which we will choose and we have only our selves to say to theirs still room for change to go for positive 🙂 Myself, I could only find it rewarding to be very close to God’s Love through it all 🙂
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