Nikon D750 vs Canon 5Diii Epic Shootout Review | Which camera to buy? | Tutorial Training

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The opening music is called “Sinister Intent” by Danny Locke and it was licensed through – he does some spectacular work and I hope to license more of his music in the future. The stead-cam shots were all done with the Canon 5Diii on a glide-cam 4000.

First off, you should know the Canon 5Diii is my workhorse camera. I used it nearly every single day I shoot. There is something about the look of the image itself I still ove, and it is very easy to use. I don’t think that will change too much in the immediate future.

When I originally started testing the Nikon D750 I was just super impressed with the still images coming out of it, there was a look and a sharpness that was noticeable and I found myself wanting to use it more and more. Eventually I came to the conclusion that the D750 was very different than the D600/610 based on image quality alone and it actually lined up very well…