Letters to My Nephews #2 – Learning to Learn – Extra Credits

Letters to My Nephews #2 – Learning to Learn – Extra Credits
Dave and Max: Games can teach us about ourselves and games can teach us about the world.  Sometimes it’s important to see not only how games can help us understand ourselves but how our play prepares us to take on the challenges we’ll we know we’ll be forced to face.  I hope this episode helps you step into these challenges without fear and helps arm you with the knowledge of how well prepared you really are. (—More below)

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Connect MySQL Database with PHP

Hello friends
In this video We are going to create MySql database and connect it with PHP

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Please watch: “What is Plastic Money ? How to use it ??”


Was ist JSON? (Grundlagen & Syntax)

In diesem Video erkläre ich, was JSON ist, wozu man es braucht, und wie es aufgebaut ist.

Der JSON-Code aus dem Video bei GitHub:

Ich bin David, 17 Jahre alt und mache auf diesem Kanal Tutorials, in denen ich zeige, wie man Android Apps programmieren kann. Fragen, konstruktive Kritik oder Vorschläge für die nächsten Videos könnt ihr gerne in die Kommentare schreiben!


xcode tutorial for beginners

Square Tutorials – Getting Started with Square

It only take minutes to get set up and accepting credit and debit cards with Square. Watch this simple guide to see how you can start using Square Reader.

For more information visit the Square Support Centre at square.com/au/help

Order your Square Reader today at square.com.au


Square Reader allows you to accept credit and debit cards from anywhere with your smartphone or tablet device.

Let’s get you started with Square:

Download the Square Register app to your Apple or Android device, and create your free account. There are no contracts or long-term commitments.

To get started, you’ll need your legal name, date of birth, home address, phone number, and a valid form of government issued ID, such as a driver’s license, medicare card or passport.

You’ll also have the option to link your bank account information so we know where to deposit your payments.

To accept a payment, plug Square Reader into your headphone jack.

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android tutorials

Code Verification in Sketch App to Android XML Tutorial | Final Part

In this part, we will make our design into XML in Android Studio. You can watch previous video to working on this video.

Previous video:

Download the project here:

Thanks for the library to make it happens:

My lovely app to work:
– Mockplus: www.mockplus.com/?r=grace
– Pen and Book
– Balsamiq: www.balsamiq.com

User-Interface Designing
– Sketch App: www.sketchapp.com
– Gravit Designer: www.designer.io

– Flinto: www.flinto.com
– Marvelapp: www.marvelapp.com
– Invision: www.invisionapp.com

– Zeplin
– Abstract App

– Slack: www.slack.com
– Skype: www.skype.com
– Telegram: www.telegram.org

Task Management
– Basecamp: www.basecamp.com
– Trello: www.trello.com
– GetHarvest: www.getharvest.com

– Sublime Text: www.sublimetext.com
– Android Studio
– XCode

Take My…

xcode tutorials for beginners

Dot Net Training Videos | Demo Video

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