Java avec eclipse – video13 – Interface d’une application graphique

Cette vidéo est la suite de la vidéo sur la librairie Swing. On ajoute à nos composants graphiques des écouteurs d’évènements ActionListener, MouseListener, KeyListener de façon à rendre l’application interactive.
Le cours présenté dans la vidéo est visible à l’adresse :

Le code source du programme présenté dans la vidéo est visible à l’adresse :

android eclipse tutorial

Walter Bright: Get started with coding in D language (3/4)

International programmer Walter Bright on stage during IT Talent College Development. Walter is the founder of programming language D and war game Empire. He worked for Facebook and Boeing, but what he likes best is working for himself during the night. After a short introduction, his sheets soon showed a lot of code. After working on C++ and different compilers, Walter could very well argue why D is the language of the future. His presentation led to a lot of questions.

About IT Talent College
IT Talent College is a combined initiative of IT students and Conjugo. IT Talent College is the start of several lectures which aim to inspire and inform IT students with more engaging and inspiring talks aimed to add substantial value to their curricula.


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