[F.Y.I.] V-MODA Crossfade Earpad (and XL Pad) Switching Tutorial

Some people have requested a video showing how to switch the pads on the V-MODA Crossfade headphones, so this video demonstrates exactly that. Of course there are other ways you can do it, but this is generally the way I’ve been doing it and it works pretty well.

If your earpads are really stubborn and don’t seem to come off, grip the plastic “chrome” part sturdily and pull hard on the earpad diagonally/curling outward like in the video. The gripping of the plastic “chrome” part is really important because it can bend/pull out, and possibly break, as you can see at around 5:24.

For me, with the XL pads, there seems to be a better seal on my head so the bass has a little more impact, but also seems a bit looser, the soundstage is a bit´╗┐ wider so instruments sound less “in my head,” the midrange seems to be a bit more laid-back/distant, and the treble is toned down a bit/less harsh. Some of the music in my collection is more listenable with the XL pads since the treble doesn’t…