Building Cross-Platform Mobile Apps in C++ with Visual Studio 2015

Modern development today requires developers to provide their application for multiple device platforms (such as Windows and Android). One of the major investments in Visual Studio 2015 has been enabling Cross-Platform Mobile Development with C. In this talk, we explore how you can use Visual Studio 2015 to generate dynamic/static libraries, native-activity applications and Xamarin native applications targeting the Android platform. Debugging, emulation, code authoring, C11 conformance are also part of the mix; there will be demos galore!

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Cross Platform Mobile Development (iOS, Android, WP8)

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What is your strategy for cross platform mobile development?
It is a hard question to answer, because there are so many choices out there.
In thie video, I talk about what I think about cross platform mobile development, define your options and give you my recommendation.
So, if you are thinking about developing for iOS, Android, Windows Phone or Windows 8, check it out and let me know what you think.


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Building a 3D Game with Unity and Visual Studio in 30 Minutes

Are you a .NET developer who always dreamed of writing video games? In this short and fun session, we’ll do exactly this. We’ll start a new project, and write a 3D game in C# with Visual Studio and Unity, from scratch, in almost no time. You’ll learn about Unity, a powerful tool to create games that span all modern platforms: consoles, mobiles, desktops and even HoloLens, and how you can leverage its integration with Visual Studio to use your favorite C# IDE to write games.

Cross-Plattform-Entwicklung mit Xamarin: Workshops & Schulungen

Xamarin-Workshops & -Schulungen – Kostengünstig. Effizient. Cross-Plattform.
Entwickeln Sie native iOS, Android, Mac und Windows Apps in C# und erfahren Sie, wie Sie Ihren bereits vorhandenen C#-Code plattformübergreifend nutzen können. Mit Xamarin können Sie eine App einfach in C# entwickeln und 100 % der Plattform-APIs übernehmen.

H&D International Group bietet Ihnen umfassende Schulungen und Workshops zum Thema App-Entwicklung mit Xamarin – damit Sie direkt einsteigen können.

– App-Entwickler
– technische Leiter
– mittleres Management im IT-Bereich
– Softwarearchitekten für den Bereich App-Entwicklung

1. Einführungsworkshop: Einblick in die App-Entwicklung mit Xamarin.
Zielgruppe: technische Leiter, mittleres Management im IT-Bereich, Softwarearchitekten
2. Entwickler-Schulungen: Strategien zur erfolgreichen Cross-Plattform-Entwicklung mit Xamarin
Zielgruppe: (C#-) App-Entwickler
3. Praxisworkshop: erste Schritte zu…

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Building Cross Platform Applications – Xamarin
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