The Best Crochet Planned Pooling Tutorial

The Best Crochet Planned Pooling Tutorial can be found right here. Marly Bird not only teaches you how to do planned pooling, but how to understand the process, recognize the placement of colors, and how to adjust tension. With her help you are going to master the art of crochet planned pooling.

Full List of Red Heart Yarns that work for Planned Pooling is in the GREAT Facebook group, Planned Pooling Crochet. The moderators of this group KNOW THEIR STUFF and the other members are incredibly helpful and supportive! Here is a link to them:

Here is a link to their file but I am not sure it will work if you’re not a member of the group:

Here is a link to a blog post by Red Heart about pooling. I was told that they intend on putting together a full list of yarns that work with this technique. Once I have that list I will link to it:

Link to Facebook Live Video that Marly did to help…