Bootstrap 4 Tutorial #8 – Slideshow mit Bild und Text – Carousel (Deutsch)

Bilder und Texte in Slideshows, welche Bootstrap sogar responsive macht. Mit den sogenannten Bootstrap Carousels lässt sich das leicht zusammenbauen.
Im Bootstrap 4 Tutorial erkläre ich Folge für Folge weitere Elemente, welche wir mit dem Framework anpassen und responsive nutzen können.

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Responsive image sliders & carousels – Web design tutorial

The slider is one of the simplest and most powerful components in the Webflow Designer. You can use the slider to present images, text, videos—you name it.

In this video, we’ll cover five aspects of the slider.

1. Anatomy of a slider
2. Creating and switching slides
3. Adding background images to slides
4. Adding additional content to slides
5. Configuring slider settings


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Carousel Tips and Tricks – Launch Store | Bigcommerce University

There are 3 important elements to crafting a successful carousel that converts shoppers into buyers. There are also tons of ways you can go wrong when creating your store’s carousel. This video discusses strategies and editing techniques to help you craft the perfect carousel slider image.

Jump to…
Examples of Bigcommerce carousel images (0:30)
Keys to Carousel building (0:52)
What is a Call to Action? (1:08)
Where is the carousel inside your control panel (01:34)
Using (2:48)
Cropping your image at (3:30)
Flip your image at (4:04)
Building a carousel image from smaller images (4:22)
Using the eyedropper and paint bucket tools to match color (5:02)
Adding carousel images to your Bigcommerce store (5:40)
Change order and speed of your carousel images (6:04)

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How to customize owl carousel slider navigation 2017 || very easy

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First of all go to OWL CAROUSEL

Then download the files .
Then make a slider . To make the slider you need to make click and choose which you want to make .
After making the slider then you need to customize the slider . For the navigation you need some classes for this go to this link . Now go to this link and make the JQUERY from here .

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owl carousel vertical
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owl jquery…

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