Cara Membuat Tamplate Foto INSTAGRAM Sendiri – MERDEKA | TUTORIAL ANDROID #138

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What Does VR & AR Look Like In Reality with Val Head

In this episode we have the pleasure of speaking with design advocate, Val Head. We ask Val about her story of how she connected with Adobe and what she’s doing with them now. We also talk a bit about Adobe XD and where it’s going in the future. Then we discuss what VR and AR will look like in the coming years, and the opportunities that await us.

And of course we dive into Val’s phobia of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood of Make-Believe, and why she wants everyone to send her a King Friday puppet.

Show Links:

Our Guest: Val Head


Twitter: @vlh

Book: Designing Interface Animation: Meaningful Motion for User Experience, By Val Head:

Screencast: All The Right Moves

CSS Animation on

Motion and Meaning

Weekly UI Animation…

C# Architecture and more with NET Core | S2P42 | Adding a Repository Constructor to prepare for UOW

This is the second of 5 series in a course about building 2 Tier Web Applications. All previous series in this full course will be linked below as playlists (if any).

The first series about C# Basics:

The overall goal of the course is to learn how to build Distributed Software Systems and also how to code a fully featured Web Application with the newest technologi (Late 2017).

We will be using .Net Cores (C#) Web API as a Rest API on the Backend Tier, Angular4+ (Typescript) as the Frontend Tier and we will persist our data in a MSSQL database using the Entity Framework.
In the end we will build a fully featured web application where we will address most of the issues that arise when developing a real world web application.

To get the code for each of the videos in this series go to:

Notice most videos will have a tag so you can see how the code progresses. You…

Laravel Framework Bangla Tutorial (Project Overview)

Project Overview of a Bangla MVC Framework Tutorial Series:- “Basic Portfolio Website” With Laravel Web Framework.Laravel step by step tutorial from beginners to advanced (from scratch). You will be also learn how to install laravel in windows xampp with composer and you can download any version of laravel 5.3 5.4 5.5 6 7 8 when they will be released. You will be also learn the crud (laravel insert update delete) with nice login register system. I make tutorials in Bengali Language only for my Country Students who live in Bangladesh. Please don’t blame me for my Language if you are a foreigner. Thanks for your understanding.
To get All Parts of this Series Please Visit:

Framework Website:
Install Composer:…

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