Best Home NAS Solution – How to Setup a NAS on Mac

In this video, I show you the best home NAS solution and how to setup a NAS on Mac. I use the Synology DS416play network attached storage system for my home data storage solution. I believe it is the best NAS for mac computers and a reliable video storage solution. I also show you how to backup a computer to a NAS, how to setup time machine on Synology NAS, and how to set up Synology video station as a media server to stream home movies. My home NAS setup is an efficient home data storage solution for content creators and home users.

Things I Used for nas storage for home use (Affiliate links):
-Synology DS416play:
-Seagate 4TB IronWolf NAS SATA 3.5″ Internal Hard Drive (qty. 3):
-BackBlaze Cloud Backup Service:
-Apple AirPort Extreme:
-Meraki Firewall:
-Meraki Switch:
-Tripp Lite 6U Wall Mount Rack…

How To Make A Free Website 2017! WITH FREE DOMAIN!!!

Instead of using hostinger website go to this updated link

This how to is for a (.tk) website . If you want a (.com) website, its the same method, but if you want any help or your stuck message me:

This is a very brief but step by step guide ( same thing as video, but brief) It includes all the steps you need to create the free domain website.

Step 1- Create a free account on ””, make sure you create the hosting area for 12 months. AND MAKE SURE YOU VERIFY YOUR EMAIL .

Step 2- Go to your home page and press hosting, then press setup. After this type your own domain that you are going to make in the domain area (make sure you press domain). Put password and other things they…

Cara Install 2 Game GTA Dalam 1 Android | TUTORIAL

SUBSCRIBE Gratis Selamanya

Jangan Lupa Jika Sudah SUBSCRIBE Klik Ikon Lonceng di Samping Tombol SUBSCRIBE Untuk Update Video Tutorial MOD GTA & Tutorial Android Dari Channel iLhaM_51

●● Apk Editor =

◎ ZArchiver Pro =
◎ Aplikasi Edit Video (KineMaster) =
◎ Aplikasi Edit Video 2(Power Director) = Google Playstore
◎ Aplikasi Perekam Layar(SCR Pro) Root =

✔ Tutorial Di atas No Root Ya Guys.
✔ Tutorial Di atas Bukan Cuma Bisa Di Game GTA Guys Tapi Juga Bisa Di Game Lainnya. Jika Teman² Ingin Meng-Install 2 Game Di Android.

Bagi Teman² Yang Belum Mempunyai Gta Bisa Download Di Link Di Bawah↓↓



Lihat Juga Video MOD GTA Lainnya Di…

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How to secure React routes and Firebase Data

In this week’s tutorial, we’ll be adding the ability for users to create songs, associating those songs with the user by restructuring the database, adding data security, and creating custom route types.

Blog post associated with this video:

Code from this tutorial:


Intro created by Ian Zainea (

Please watch: “How to Deploy a React Application (with Netlify)”


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Write C, C++ Programs in Windows 7 Must Watch Full HD

Many of the Engineering students who has C, C++ in their academic syllabus stick to Windows XP Only. You may be tried to install and run turbo C++ in Windows 7 and Vista but may have failed to do so. You may have thought for a while what happened to your favourite C programming IDE(Integrated Development Environment), Which you used to run on older operating systems like Windows XP or 98 without trouble.

The important reason behind this problem is that your version of windows has just got improved enough or say advanced that it doesn’t support the decade old “Dos”
based applications.

Windows after 9x(93,95,98 etc) versions are not running of top of dos, they run on a completely different Technology called NT(New Technology), so to provide compatibility with DOS software Microsoft provided these version of windows have a system called NTVDM (NT virtual dos machine), which emulates DOS like environment to run these dos programs but when Windows evolved to Windows Vista and 7…

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Autodesk – Auto CAD 2006/2008 – Tool – PolyLine Command ( PL ) – Urdu / Hindi

Auto CAD is the world`s most widely used computer aided design and drafting software program. Our tutorials of Auto CAD at the introductory and intermediate level as well as AutoCAD, 3D solid provides concepts and commands for creating and managing drawing techniques and process for working in 2D and thorough grounding in 3D fundamentals. Please visit for more tutorial

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