Android Record Video dengan Mic External ~ Laiqul Fakhri Tutorial

cara menghubungkan microphone ke hp android
Tips & Trik Android – Record Video dengan Mic External di Android

Dalam Membuat Video , entah itu VLOG / Gaming / Tutorial / Review / Cover Lagu atau apapun jenis videonya tentunya butuh sound recorder / perekam suara yang bagus , karena audio yg bagus jauh lebih penting daripada video yang bening
jadi jangan sepelekan urusan audio hehehe

buat yang hobi nyanyi karaoke di aplikasi android smule , juga bisa pake cara ini , agar suaranya semakin merdu , semakin mantap jiwa , membuat suara makin enak didengar

microphone external adalah solusi untuk menghasilkan suara yang lebih baik daripada mic bawaan dari hp smartphone / kamera DSLR

jadi inilah video cara / tips untuk nyolokin / menghubungkan microphone eksternal ke hp smartphone android

youtuber pemula harus bisa memanfaatkan hp android untuk menghasilkan karya , berupa video youtube dengan kualitas suara yang bagus πŸ˜€

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#1_what is html & what i need to start

anything you need just send me a message or comment in video
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Bootstrap CSS Modification to Form Elements and Inputs-Part1

How to make Bootstrap CSS Modification to Form Elements and Inputs by Learning Simplified.
Hello and welcome to another new episode of Bootstrap tutorial for beginners. Here we have discussed on how to customize the bootstrap form elements from its core. This is the first one of the series where we have covered some crucial topics. We must understand Twitter Bootstrap is a framework design and should be customized to fit into our project. Things those are discussed in this tutorial are:

1) How to select required class names from source code using code inspector
2) How to find the respective class names from bootstrap.min.css
3) How and where to use those class names for any modification
4) Analytic discussion on developer’s point of view
5) Changing the background color of text area
6) Changing the background color, box-shadow properties both on hover and focus condition to form elements and inputs
7) Necessity of linking…

Radial Step Wipe tutorial! | 1st to discover | For Android intro makers!

Download link (For lazy peeps xd)

Do not upload my radial wipe as if it is yours, if you will upload it without my permission, remember I can copyright you. (You can use this in your intros, just don’t upload my radial wipe and say you made it)

Edit: You can upload something smililar like a tutorial video but please if you got the idea from me, please give me credit.

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Being a Software Developer Sucks!

I’ve been writing code since the age of 7 and worked commercially for twenty years before packing it in as a job. It can be an amazing opportunity but in many ways working as a software developer does suck. Here’s why… If you fancy more of my diatribe check my giant blog post on the subject out at

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