Jubula Functional Testing Tool Demo with captions

Jubula is a tool for the automated testing of Graphical User Interfaces (GUI’s) written with Java (Swing, SWT/RCP, GEF) and HTML. The focus of the tool is on testing an application’s business logic (workflows, use cases) from the user perspective (functional, black-box, acceptance testing).

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Refer this link for RCP application:-

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Install Full Webserver (Apache,PHP, MySQL,phpMyAdmin) | Windows

Do you want to install a basic Webserver consisting of Apache, PHP, MySQL and phpMyAdmin on a Windows Machine for your Local Websites and Development?
Then follow this guide which describes the installation and configuration process step by step.

This guide is made on a Windows 10 Machine using the latest Apache 2.4 and PHP 7, but this guide can be applied on older versions of Windows and on older PHP Versions !! Necessary changes are mentioned in video !!

***** Links *****
– Apache :
– PHP :
– MySQL :
– phpMyAdmin :

***** Step By Step *****
– Download the latest Apache Version from the official Website — Zip-File
– Copy Apache24 folder from Zip-File to your C: Drive
– Navigate into C:/Apache24/bin
– Open file –httpd– with Rightclick — Run as Administrator…

Get an overview of the .NET Platform

There has never been a better time to be a .NET developer. You can now build Android, iOS, Linux, Mac, and Microsoft Windows applications with .NET all in open source. In this session we will run through some of the new innovations including the .NET Framework updates, .NET Standard, Universal Windows Platform updates, .NET Core, managed languages and more. We also review the updates to Microsoft Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code to make you a better developer. See some of the latest productivity features in these tools including managing code style, searching your source and more.

[COMPONENTS] How to make your own game engine – Part 13 – C++ Tutorial

Hey everybody, in this new series we will show you how to produce and implement your own game engine from scratch 😀

I’ve implemented the camera component and created a camera class so you will be able to move around inside your 2D world.
Next upcomming video are Resources so you will be able to load images, spritessheets, backgrounds inside your engine.

After reading this I actually could have explained it myself, but here is an explanation on how a view matrix works


For people who wanna stay with up to date with the video they are currently watching they will have to checkout to commit: 147b2bd

Free version of visual studio:

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Olaaa Gente Como estan? Aqui les traigo un tutorial Muy Facil de Como quitar el anuncio al Inicio de Minecraft 1.2 sobre la Licencia de la Tienda el cual no permite que continuemos en el Juego!


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