SQL Server 29 – How to Name Constraints

Our database has some primary and foreign keys, but occasionally people want to name them. That way, we can refer to a constraint specifically by a user friendly name.
The trick is to simply add CONSTRAINT xx_ConstraintName before the constraint.

Typically, the constraint name will follow the pattern of 2 letters to represent what type of constraint, followed by an Underscore, followed by the name.

Here is an example:


Now what do you name the constraint? Ultimately, that is a decision that is up to you. There are some conventions. The convention I used in this example is known as Hungarian notation. Hungarian notation is when we include what the thing is inside of the name. By prefixing the name with PK_ we automatically know that this is a primary key constraint. Some people prefer to put the PK at the end, and some people don’t…

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Will Swift Kill PHP? Programming and the Future of Apple’s Swift | Full Sail University

Every new programming language like Apple’s Swift brings new solutions and new problems for both front-end and back-end developers. In this video, developer Joe Cavagna talks about the future of Swift as a back-end development solution, PHP’s prevalence across the internet, and how to think about programming languages as tools to solve development issues.

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